Nikon D800





Production: 2012-2014
Sensor: Fx (1.0x) da 36.2 mpx
ISO Range: 50-25600
Viewfinder: Optic with 100% range (0,70x)
Burst: 4fps (6fps with MB-D12)

T shot: 1/8000-30"
AF Areas: 51 Cross stitches
Tropicalisation: YES
Supported Memories: Cf, SD
Battery: Nikon Li-On EN-EL15
Battery Grip: Nikon MB-D12

Dimensions: 146 x 123 x 82
Weight: 930g


Ergonomics, Batteries Range, Viewfinder, Menu, Dynamic Range, Nikon F Lenses, Sensor


ISO Range, Weight, Live View, Flash, Leathers consuption

Nikon D800 is for me the ABSOLUTE REFLEX : it's challenging for both weight and use, it's not the classic "plug and play reflex" for all. The "kg body" hides a portrait and landscape beast, when it was launched it marked an era and redefined the canons of photography as it was the first full frame sensor camera to launch beyond the 30mpx threshold. Dynamic range is incredible, if  well-used "she" will give you back stunning shots.
Ergonomics & Body
I start from one of the main charachters, with dynamic range, that characters the D800: ergonomics. It's a camera that despite the weight far from light immediately gives a grip and unparalleled feedback, partly hiding (because in the long run on the wrist) the weight and size of this camera is definitely important
Specs e Use
Many people have not understood or appreciated this camera by giving faults and looking for flaws in the camera itself, the reason is simple: it is not a camera for everyone. Understood the high density of Pixel (36 million) often comes in grain and shake, the ISO seal of this camera remains another ugly point: in semi-critical light conditions reached the quota of 800-1000 the grain begins to become important and then make the file unrecoverable once it reaches 3200.
Batteries & Accessories
The Nikon D800 was fitted as standard with the EN-EL15 Lithium, which by mounting the Battery Grip MB-D12 became 2 doubling the duration, I had the chance to try it with the BL-5 adapter that allows you to use the EN-EL18 (the flagship battery D4) increasing autonomy and burst. Among the essential accessories there is the eyepiece ocular sight, the CF Lexar 800x (or 1066x) from 64 / 128gb
Hardly I separated from an object with difficulty, yet with the D800 it succeeded. I separated myself after not a few reflections and not a few doubts about moving to Mirrorless. Even before components such as weight, ISO management and other features in which you felt the Gap with modern DSLRs / mirrorless my choice was dictated by the wear and tear of decidedly marked skins and quite strange in my case since I do not suffer from excessive sweating of the hands. In spite of everything, it is still the machine that I miss the most.
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