35 2.8




Production: 2017 - in production
Focal length: 35mm
Format: Fx and APS-C
Max Diaphragm: f 2,8
Diaphragm Blades: 7 in 6 groups

Filters Diameter : 49mm
Stabilization: NO
Tropicalization: NO
Minimum Distance MAF: 0,35m
Focus: AF Lens Engine (No Ultrasound)
Dimensions: 62 x 33mm

Weight: 110g



‚Äč- Image quaity

- Weight

- Price

- Corners at TA

- AF speed in some situations
- AF-C


I bought this lens during my trip to Holland, I was eager to have a light handyman to keep mounted on my A7R III and the choice was between this and its direct rival: the Zeiss 35 2.8. After a bit of evaluation about buying the new Samyang or the used Zeiss I decided for the Sammy. The lens comes with a construction that provides plastic materials but well assembled and with a very low weight, I find very curious the "hood" (problem that unites him with his direct rival) as it is a simple plastic ring screwed on the lens. As far as the photographic sector is concerned, the lens is really amazing: even at TA it maintains a good quality of the edges and if it closes with 1.5 / 2 stops it becomes noticeable on the whole frame. In AF-S the speed of MAF is really good and always hooks up well (except in conditions of low light where it suffers not a little), the situation becomes a bit 'more problematic when you decide to switch to AF-C: easily lose the hook up and if you use it in video know that you really feel a lot. However, for the use that I have to do it is more than good and I can not recommend it, compared to the zeiss the real big differences that I find are in the price and the noise of AF while for the quality of the image nothing to say : very clear and clean files, the first times we are amazed seeing price & weight. For me, since I switched to mirrorless, it is together with the Sony 85 1.8 FE a best-buy

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