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Production: 2017 - in production
Sensor: Fx (1.0x) da 4204 mpx
ISO Range: 50-102.400
Viewfinder: Electronic with 100% range (0,78x)
Burst: 10fps

T shot: 1/8000-30"
AF Areas: 399 Cross stitches
Tropicalisation: YES
Supported Memories: SD Dual Slot
Battery: Sony NP-FZ100
Battery Grip: Sony VG-C3EM

Dimensions: 127 x 96 x 74
Weight: 657g


-Weight and portability

-Eye AF

-Battery Life

-Focus Peaking

-Dinamic Range


-ISO seal 




-Sony E-mount Lenses range

-AUTO Functions

After a long period of "incubation" made of research and tests I decided to buy it, it came to replace the D800 and shares the very thick sensor of Megapixel and the position within the range: the real Admiral as well as All- Sony home round.
Ergonomics & Body
Ergonomics was immediately the true Handicap of this camera, you really feel the absence of that extra body cm that would allow the little finger to hold the camera correctly. Sony (late as it is a flaw that carries you from the first series of a7) has introduced an "extension" that I find quite useless, but I found the solution by combining the inevitable Battery-Grip (essential accessory for me) a plate a L arca-swiss of the 3 Legged Arms of a beautiful "orange Sony" as beautiful as it is functional. I find the menu very confusing and misleading: it is easy to get lost in the menus even if you have read the manual. I've missed so far of Nikon that feeling of always having everything in the right place without having "in the middle of the boxes" automatic functions useless, I instead appreciated the lack of flash as we know that those fitted as standard are absolutely free of functionality and extreme fragility. High quality instead the "skins" used to cover the camera, give a nice feedback and have a good grip
Specs & Use
Since the first use (as mentioned above) I found myself having to "fight" with this handicap of the lack of a place to put the little finger, a lack not just and repeated as it is a handicap from the first series. Coming to features this camera has some really interesting features such as the AF eye that allows (especially with the native Sony lenses) to have a MAF on the eye in the foreground almost perfect. Useful and just as practical the Focus Peaking that makes MAF manuals simply perfect and therefore to evaluate the use of vintage lenses with a few euro adapter. I also found the live view really good, see the picture "as it will come" is a thing not just that but you have to get used to it, also the dynamic range is simply extraordinary: coming from Nikon D800 that had nothing to envy at the current SLR I was well used but also in this the A7R III managed to amaze me. Useless, especially if you evaluate the type of camera and its cost, the AUTO functions and preset filters in the room that I simply find the functions implemented for all those who buy only to have expensive toys with which to take pictures to children, dog , and generic photos. Last but not least the issue of lenses, today there is a fleet of decent native lenses recently implemented by the Sigma series Art optics that added the pepper that was missing in the competition, unfortunately the choice is still narrow but I have no doubt that will come increased in the future.
Batteries & Accessories
I had always heard friends in possession of other Sony of previous series (those that mount the NP-FW50) complaining about the battery life, on this I must say that you do not have autonomy by SLR but we miss very little. 600 shots with a charge are not a mirage, the machine in full use never over-heat and the charging times are very reasonable. Absolutely to buy the cover of the Gariz (to improve aesthetics, grip and increase the protection) and the original Sony VG-C3EM Battery Grip that in addition to making it perfect for shots in portrait mode also makes it easier to recharge: the A7R III is in fact it is possible to charge both on-body batteries with a simple powerbank or by connecting the camera to a wall power supply with the appropriate type-C cable
The A7R III is today my reference camera, for these first months of use I can not be satisfied with the purchase. I recommend to users attracted by ultra-dense pixel sensors and genre enthusiasts such as portraiture, street and landscapes.
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