85 1.8




Production: 2017 - in production

Focal length: 85mm
Format: Fx and APS-C
Max Diaphragm: f 1,8
Diaphragm Blades: 9 in 8 groups

Filters Diameter : 67mm
Stabilization: NO
Tropicalization: YES
Minimum Distance MAF: 0,80m
Focus: AF Lens Engine (No Ultrasound)
Dimensions: 78 x 82mm

Weight: 371g 



- Light points
- Bokeh

- Lens Hood 

​- Construction
- Weight

- AF speed
- Colors

- Price


I purchased this lens to add a portrait canvas to my kit, the lens is well built, light and immediately gives the impression of being very solid.

The focus ring is made of metal, like on all Sony lenses, very nice to the touch but tends to get dirty and scratch, while I find the hood too "plastic".

Very useful the programmable key on the left side of the barrel (I have the eye-AF set), in this lens you appreciate most the AF (flawless and silent, as many lenses Sony works "better" in AF-C that in AF-S, but we certainly do not speak of a defect) and the weight that make it a useful and practical lens for street use.
It already has an excellent sharpness in TA, but if it closes at 4 it becomes perfect for the level of definition that is in the frame.

Before the purchase I also tried the Sigma Art 85 1.4 and the Sony GM 85 1.4 and I must tell the truth, beyond the details such as size, weight, price (above all) and opening, I found really little difference between these two and Sony 85. Surely the Art has a higher bokeh and an even greater gap, but for the use that I have to do I did not justify the purchase (it is also slower than AF), while the Sony GM has not impressed me a lot, I found it superior only in the management of lighting points.
The 85 FE 1.8 today is on my list of "best-buy" along with the Samyang 35 FE 2.8: with a little less than 600 € we bring home a good portrait lens (I have it purchased with Sony cashback) that has nothing to envy to the older brother GM.

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